Winning a Trial: the Client’s Perspective

I posted recently about how as lawyers we feel good if we win a criminal case.  My client from this recent case recently posted his feelings on the same subject, and some attorneys might find it valuable to see how the matter looked like from his perspective.  Here is what he wrote.

I hope whoever is reading this finds my words with sincerity. I had been accused of a crime that I was 100% innocent of but the circumstances made me appear to be implicated in some way. My name and image were published in the newspaper and plastered on the internet. Myself and Paul were up against a task force who in court gave their expert testimony against me. They did an excellent job vilifying me in court. But Paul did a much better job conveying my innocence. His speech was delivered with a surgeon’s precision. He was passionate about my innocence. I couldn’t believe it when Paul cross examined one of the expert witnesses who was also the arresting officer. Paul got him to admit on the stand that their entire case against me was speculation and that based on their evidence and approach I could have easily been as innocent as I was guilty. Paul got the truth to come out of this officer’s mouth on the stand in front of the jury! There are so many good things I can say about Paul Kish. I am now able to move on with my life with a clean record because of this man. I couldn’t believe how hard Paul fought for me in court. Right before the Foreperson read the verdict I turned to Paul and let him know that no matter how the verdict came back I was truly grateful for the effort he put in. He was worth every penny. Thank you again Paul! (Not Guilty!)

(Before Trial)
I decided to fire my previous attorney who tried to get me to settle my case (the very same case that Paul Kish got me a NOT GUILTY verdict in). I called several law firms trying to find a serious lawyer and none appealed to me like Paul. The first thing I noticed was that Paul didn’t immediately accept my case. He took a moment to review all details and spoke to me himself (not through a paralegal). This was unusual because I had spoken to at least 10 other paralegals that day. The second thing I noticed was that before agreeing to take my case, Paul never made it seem as if he was surely going to win my case like most attorneys that I have dealt with have done. After reviewing all of the details Paul let me know he believed me and agreed to take my case. I’ve dealt with lawyers that have taken my money and then you rarely hear from them. Paul kept his same positive and professional attitude towards me the entire time. He was always prompt and consistent when responding.

Thank you again for exceeding my expectations and personifying honor, integrity, hard work and determination. You are truly a man of your word! The definition of what a lawyer should be is Paul Kish.

It is interesting to me how this all appeared from my client’s point of view.  Things that I take for granted seemed extraordinary to him.  I always want to know quite a bit about a case before I decide to accept the matter, but that seemed unusual for this man’s experience.  Also, it is gratifying that my work in some way let this man see that many lawyers are passionate about their work and try to accomplish the very best for their clients.

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